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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer

“We believe that TECHNOLOGY should be used to FACILITATE GROWTH in people, to enhance their businesses and their ventures. And that the use of AUTOMATION, SIMPLIFICATION and DATA ANALYSIS should always MAKE IT EASY to FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS: more TIME for BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS! 

Robocore UK Ltd Mission Statement

When the founders of Robocore UK Ltd spotted an opportunity to introduce innovative technology into the recruitment sector, they knew it would make matching talent with jobs faster and more accurate. Now it is relieving headaches for hiring managers and HR departments worldwide.

The Birth of Robocore

Robocore emerged in late 2017 following a conversation between Warren A. Drabble, then a recruiter, and Mike Naylor, a former IBM Global Program Manager who was facing redundancy. While discussing Mike’s career options, Warren mentioned his idea for a tech-led methodology that would help him become faster and more accurate in identifying the right talent for a post.

Mike had already formed Robocore with Frank de Witte (First line department manager) Dennis Rudin (Senior IT specialist) to explore the use of software robotics commercially. In Warren’s idea they saw an opportunity to mitigate recruiter frustrations by structuring their online information, thus removing the vast amounts of unstructured big data churned out by search engines and replacing it with structured data that is easy to use.

Mike and the other IBM innovation lab engineers quickly joined forces with Warren, and the team also brought on board Mike Tunstall (Software Engineer), and recruitment gurus Patrick Hames and Stuart Morris: their role being to bring decades worth of sector expertise to the task of creating a global recruitment business with a difference – one that could radically change the way recruitment is managed. Robocore was ready to start delivering its key message to the recruitment world  – Make It Easy! Now, following a successful angel investment round in Q1 2020, and boosted by the growth we’ve had this year, we are in the process of considering a Series A funding round in Q2 & Q3 of 2021

From Trust to Social Giveback – Robocore’s Core Values

Robocore may use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology, but in a people-centred business, its founding values are human ones: honesty and integrity, and an overarching desire to be known by its clients as trustworthy experts.

Indeed, providing a high level of expertise is a key strand of Robocore’s DNA.

Its goal is to be a global market leader that unites the established fundamentals of recruitment with innovative technology to solve hiring issues in any sector. Furthermore, the in-built flexibility of its model ensures it is ready to meet radical change in the employment market, such as we have seen in 2020 with the sudden emergence of Working from Home due to the pandemic.

And, as countries face mass unemployment due to the coronavirus crisis, Robocore intends to honour its commitment to social giveback by setting up apprenticeships to help young people gain experience and work skills. We hope some will stay on with the company, but as a recruitment business, it is perfectly positioned to help those apprentices who want to move on with expert job search assistance.

Robocore Services

Robocore offers both a recruitment service and a franchise for recruiters who want to start their own company. It’s an outsourcing service that complements the work of an internal HR department and has an executive search team for middle and senior level roles, as well as specialist recruiters in several sectors ranging from Cybersecurity, IT and Fintech to Higher Education, Mining and Construction. It also has a specially developed a tech–based platform for those industries that require a flexible labour force.

Your invitation to talk to Robocore

We would like to invite hiring managers and HR departments to contact us for a no-obligations demonstration of Robocore’s groundbreaking recruitment solution, so that we can show you how it can more efficiently solve recruitment challenges and, as Robocore promises – MAKE IT EASY!