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Author: Rob Williams – Robocore Recruitment Consultant Specialist in Cyber Security

At the same time that Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how companies operate, many recruiters believe that those businesses using it will also change the nature of work. To date we have seen intelligent systems displacing humans in manufacturing, service delivery, recruitment, and the financial services industry. This has led to a fear of job loss in some people’s minds, but the technology’s impact on employment is more nuanced than a simple ‘Humans Out – Robots In’.

And here is why. AI-based software programs are fast, more accurate and consistently rational, but they aren’t intuitive, emotional or culturally sensitive. When recruiters use AI, we still bring our emotional intelligence to the table, and the combination of human gifts and technological efficiency makes for more efficient recruiters.

We can argue that the human touch will always be required in recruitment. However, AI can certainly improve the recruitment process and will make the recruitment process more efficient. This in turn will allow recruiters to focus on getting to know their candidates better in order to place them into the most suitable positions.

Robocore was an early adopter of Robotic Process Automation [RPA] and is now integrating AI into our Recruitment Business Process Management Model, which will further enhance our productivity and customer service.

Recruitment and AI

The current uses of AI in recruitment primarily enable recruiters and HR professionals to devote more time to focusing on finding the right talent and more effective hiring processes. AI technology and Natural Language Processing [NLP] is now being utilized in the following areas:

  • Intelligent candidate screening
  • Interview scheduling
  • Automated resumé screening
  • Candidate identification
  • Social Media Platform candidate search
  • Simplified Background & Reference checks
  • Predictive analytics

These uses of AI in recruitment are standard now, but how else can AI assist HR staff and recruiters?

AI tools for recruiters

Your next interview could well be with an AI-based bot. The latest AI-powered interview platforms are based on sentiment analysis and facial recognition technology that interprets interviews and provides deep insights about candidate attitude, positivity, and their overall attitude based on the candidate’s facial expressions, gestures, body language and voice analysis. One advantage of using such an AI-based system is that it is available 24/7, which means interviews can be set up for a time convenient to the candidate.

Other AI tools available to recruiters include chatbots, deep learning and gamification, although these are more short to medium term in their application. For example,

XOR is a recruiting and HR chatbot that uses AI to screen candidates, schedule interviews, and answer questions over text message, email, live chat and messaging.

Meanwhile, Eightfold’s software employs deep learning AI that screens candidates, schedules interviews, and answers questions by text message, email, live chat and messaging. It uses neural networks that learn from 1 billion+ profiles, billions of global data points and 1 million+ unique skills to deliver bias-free, data-driven insights.

And Pymetrics deploys gamification algorithms to help companies build their workforce of the future. The technology uses behavioural science and audited AI technology that delivers more diverse teams and more efficient recruitment processes.

Robocore recruiters and AI

Robocore is a leading recruiter with offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Namibia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, USA, India and the UAE. It was an early adopter of the use of RPA in the recruitment process. We use cutting-edge AI and machine learning to identify and engage with talent, integrating ‘best of breed’ skills and psychological testing platforms with video interviewing and reference checking software. Our services are at the forefront of recruitment practices adding a global value to clients’ resourcing activities.

We utilize NLP with pre-defined keywords such as “ETL developer”, “Informatica” etc., to parse the resumes. The system then ranks the resumes based on the keywords and then we rank the keywords by category. This greatly reduces the time expended on the recruitment process and ensures a large and highly relevant candidate pool.

But none of this dispenses with the need for the human intelligence of Robocore’s recruiters. Our knowledge of a business sector, or intuition about the needs of both hiring managers and candidates, are still factors in the process that can’t be abandoned. However, AI-based and machine learning technology gives us more time to employ our personal experience, while the machines perform the time-intensive tasks that slow recruiters down. Rather than fear them; see them as the latest in labour-saving devices, especially if you are in recruitment.

Your invitation to talk to Robocore

We would liketo invite hiring managers and HR departments to contact us for an exploratory demonstration of Robocore’s groundbreaking recruitment solution, so that we can demonstrate how it can more efficiently solve recruitment challenges and as we say at Robocore – MAKE IT EASY!



Rob Williams is a Managing Recruitment Partner at Robocore. He has over 30 years of professional experience in the ICT industry. He was program manager for CISCO Advanced Services in APAC, as well as holding senior positions in Huawei Global Technical Services, and has delivered large-scale cybersecurity solutions to Enterprise and Service provider customers.