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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer

The Robocore team has been remote working since 2017, so the lockdowns in our respective countries didn’t have much impact on our working lives. However, we know that many have experienced a sudden transition from daily commute and office camaraderie to stepping out of bed and into a Zoom meeting. This is a massive shift, but it is one with opportunities and advantages.

Back in March, it seemed as if working from home would be a temporary solution, but as the weeks have gone by, it looks increasingly as if it will rapidly become the ‘new normal’. Some businesses have struggled to set up a remote working structure for its employees that ensures ‘business as usual’. Research in the UK by Tyto in March this year revealed, “just over one quarter (27%) of office workers having been fully briefed on their company’s home working plan and 40% having not been briefed whatsoever.”

Confidence is also low in employers’ ability to manage home working, with “only 41% of UK office workers confident that their employer has the technology infrastructure in place to enable them to work productively and securely from home.”

Yet, remote working is being embraced, as the old work structure receives a long overdue overhaul, albeit in the most awful circumstances any of us could have imagined. The technology is there to facilitate it, and, more importantly tech firms are producing new solutions and tools at an even faster rate, as “this period will serve as a reckoning for remote work in general, and may help to spur on digital transformation out of sheer necessity,” to quote Charles Towers-Clark, an analyst specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital transformation. 

Employers embrace flexibility

Having said all that, we are likely to see more employers offering the flexibility of remote working, and employees happily preferring to work surrounded by their home comforts. To the surprise of those who always thought that remote working consisted of sending a few emails while watching a daytime soap, Marketwatch and other sources are reporting a large uptick in productivity. In the USA, workers were 47% more productive in March and April than in the preceding two months, according to Prodoscore. 

One CEO admitted he’d got his thinking about remote working all wrong, and conceded that in the future his company would probably follow the approach of Twitter and the Silicon Valley tech companies that have helped employees set up remote working, and also offered them the option to continue working from home. The CEO of Slack, said he envisaged having 30%-40% fewer desks in the office, and that after discussions with his executives might even “make the office into more of a hotel.” That’s certainly a novel way of repurposing office space.

The Big Recruitment Opportunity

Here’s the thing for recruiters: how will employers find the expertise they need, and how will the talent connect with those employers in a remote working context?

The traditional bricks-and-mortar recruitment consultants may struggle in this scenario, whereas the home-based recruiter working with Robocore’s Gridhill technology has an easy-to-use, fast and efficient system that can target recruitment needs in any business or industry sector, and can factor in a swell in remote workers.

Robocore offers you a unique and disruptive advantage by using software robots, machine learning and AI to provide a really advanced recruitment process. Recruiters using our Gridhill product have several immediate advantages right now: 

  • Our team knows the recruitment process inside out, which puts us in a prime position to fine tune the recruitment process for our clients;
  • The Gridhill technology supplies recruiters with highly structured research data
  • We supply ample technical training and guide our clients through talent and jobs data to enhance their effectiveness as recruiters. 

We also believe that in order for our franchisees to remain competitive they need to know what is most urgent and critical in their sector, so the technology is geared up to provide deep insights into any business niche, giving you the advantage of timely and accurate business intelligence. 

As a Robocore franchisee, not only can you enjoy the benefits and comforts of working remotely – we make it easy for you as a recruiter to tap into the emerging trend for remote working and hit this new ground running.