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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer


If you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter considering setting up your own business, you may have noticed that Covid-19 has been, and will continue to be, a game changer for your sector.

The pandemic has thrown up an array of challenges for those in the recruitment industry, so if you plan to be successful, and we’re pretty sure that is your goal, you may find these tips on adapting to the ‘new normal’ rather useful.

1 Adapt to survive

Adapting in order to survive is at the key to continued existence of all life on this planet. The recruitment sector was already changing at quite a pace before Covd-19 struck, and the pandemic has accelerated it. You will probably be working from home and so will the candidates, while face-to-face meetings with clients have given way to Zoom consultations. These factors have pushed so many out of the comfort zone. If you try to make the old way of doing recruitment into this new environment, it will hold you back, while those who quickly adapt to this sudden change will be the winners.

2 Overcome objections

Recruiters have always faced objections when building their business, but it is likely that these will be more frequent and harder to answer than in previous times. For example, recruiters say that one of the most frequent objections they come up against is ‘We’re using another agency’.

Another one that is high on the list is ‘We’re not recruiting’, and it is one that will be more frequently heard this year and next. When you’re approaching a prospect using this particular ‘objection’, start a conversation about why that is and learn more about the company, and the possible future needs of its HR department. Rather than try to push a sale, make notes in your CRM system that will alert you to making contact at a future date. 

3 Encourage creativity

Make the effort to think outside the box. Difficult times demand more creative thinking, and innovation is the key to success. Encourage your team to come up with and share their ideas for challenging the usual way of doing business, because this is a skill that will drive your business forward.

4 Sharpen your negotiation skills

It is likely in this new job market that clients will try to reduce your fees: you could call it a buyers’ market. Furthermore, with not enough jobs to fill, it is likely that some recruiters will give in to this demand. The key here is to work on your negotiation skills, and ensure that your team knows the value that your business gives to clients. This will give them the self-confidence to win at the negotiation game.

5 Embrace everything digital

The pandemic and working from home has placed an emphasis on having good digital skills. Skype skills may have been welcome last year, but now you need to know Zoom inside out if you want to look professional. Don’t skimp on software training either. For example, does everyone in your team know how to deliver a video sales pitch by email? Tech adoption is crucial for recruiters right now, so do make sure you keep updated about new tools and platforms, especially those designed for the recruitment sector.

6 Boost your brand

A strong personal brand has always played an important role in building a successful business, and it is more important now than ever. You want to be a ‘recruiter worth knowing’ (RWK) on LinkedIn by treating your profile as an advert, and use little tricks where possible, such as making your picture stand out and personalising your LinkedIn URL. Also, use your profile as a place to promote what you’re currently doing, rather than just list your previous employment, because that won’t bring clients flocking to you.

7 Contact Robocore UK Ltd

Robocore UK Ltd offers you all the tools you need to implement the above six tips. Its Gridhill Methodology uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline the recruitment process. This software not only relieves you as a recruiter of the repetitive jobs, it also provides you with deep insights into sectors; the kind of information that would take a significant amount of time to collect, analyse and put into action without the technology. Plus Robocore’s team of experts provide extensive training, as well as ongoing support, so that you’ll always be able to use the technology to the max. 

Robocore franchisees have a choice of Bronze, Silver and Gold packages designed to suit different budgets. When you want to launch your own recruitment business, talk to Robocore – it will ‘Make It Easy’ for you adapt your business to the new environment and survive it.