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Recruitment & Technology

Robocore is a Recruitment and Technology company

Robocore UK Ltd are experienced in Recruitment and Enterprise Business Solutions. We combine recruitment with technology experience to form an advanced hybrid recruitment process.

For employers, this means we tailor a unique and disruptive advantage in HR Solutions by applying Software Robots, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the recruitment process. 


We understand the frustrations associated with hiring and how competitive the market is, especially in emerging technologies coupled with the lack of technical experience amongst recruiters often cluttering the hiring processes…


With decades of experience working within multinational enterprise IT & Professional Services we understand the technical challenges associated to the recruitment process…


Robocore are the proud creators of GridHill, a tool that facilitates the recruitment process with automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our core team are 30 year veterans in Enterprise Business Solutions & Technology.

Combining Recruitment with Technology

Be a successful recruiter by enhancing your recruitment process through Training, Automation and Analytics.

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Through a process of continuous learning everything keeps improving! The GridHill Methodology offers recruiters a unique recruitment process to learn to become a successful recruiter.

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What automation means to the recruiter! Integrate the newest technology in your recruitment process. Automation frees up time you can use more effectively.

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How big a role does research play in the recruitment process? Have the analytical insight into your niche market and be better informed gives you an advantage in the recruitment market place.

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