Our Bespoke Strategy Suite

Using our bespoke technology, Robocore ensures the candidates presented to you are as perfect as possible for the role you’re offering.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Solutions with an AI & Robotics twist!

A lot of recruitment technology makes you many promises. Robocore’s technology delivers on that promise. Engineered by experts from IBM Innovation Labs working with recruitment specialists with over 30 years experience in international markets, we use cutting edge AI and machine learning to deliver measurably better results.

Healthcare meeting

Executive Search

Robocore’s premium service for C-Suite positions. Featuring our bespoke software, McQuaig personality testing, and risk-free 12-month candidate insurance, this recruitment process dramatically changes the way you hire and retain valuable executive level staff.

Hotel Staff


You need staff – we’ll find the right ones for you using our tech-led, fast
& accurate candidate selection process. Add in our experience across a
range of healthcare and hospitality and you can be sure we deliver the
best candidates for your business. Moreover, we offer you a ‘No Win, No
Fee’ service, so there’s no risk for you.


When flexibility and speed in finding staff are your key needs, we deliver a service filling temporary and short-term roles in 187 countries.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

When you need to outsource your recruitment, we offer you a comprehensive service that complements your internal hiring processes. You’ll receive a service tailored to your needs at single or multiple locations.

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