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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer

2021 is going to be a good year for recruiters

Few recruitment businesses could have been prepared for 2020, but the question many in the sector may be asking themselves right now is this: is 2021 going to be dramatically different, and how should we prepare for it?

Bullhorn, a Boston-based CRM solutions provider conducted surveys with recruiters just prior to and during the Covid-19 crisis to see if priorities and outlooks had changed due to the global pandemic. The good news is that on the whole those surveyed are optimistic about a stronger ending to 2020 and an even better 2021.

We know that it has been a struggle for some in the industry, but 30% of those interviewed by Bullhorn for its Covid-19 Impact Survey, indicated that their business had improved since the start of the crisis, or at least stayed the same.

It also appears that recruiters have great expectations for 2021, and the report’s key takeaway is: “don’t expect competition to soften anytime soon. Invest your resources wisely to deliver the best possible experience to candidates and clients; your competitors certainly will be.”

What are recruiters’ priorities going into 2021?

Where candidate acquisition was deemed most important over the last three years, the Bullhorn survey suggests that next year the emphasis will shift to managing client relationships (45%) with improving the candidate experience coming close behind (36%). Unsurprisingly, given the increase in working from home this year, optimising remote working is also high on the list.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has been an ongoing challenge in recruitment. The Global Recruitment Insights and Data report 2020 revealed that only 28% of agencies have a BAME (Black, Asian & Mixed Ethnicity) person in a leadership role, and only five percent of these are women. This year has refocused attention on this and there is a determination to address the DEI challenges in the recruitment industry, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is better for every business. That is why around two-thirds of recruitment professionals say that companies embracing diversity are more effective.

Remote working will become more widespread amongst recruitment agencies next year, with 64% saying, “it is here to stay,” regardless of the worldwide health situation. This is logical when you consider that the technology is available to support all aspects of the business, whether it is contactless recruiting or remote onboarding. It also reduces, or even removes office space costs.

Robocore UK Ltd: the recruitment franchise for a successful 2021

With such an upbeat outlook for the recruitment industry next year, this is the right time to look at the Robocore UK franchise package that will get your recruitment business up and running in the fastest time possible. In effect, you are being handed an already assembled business.

Recognising that not everyone is able to invest the same amount of money in their start-up, we offer Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. But, whichever package you choose, you will have access to Robocore’s Gridhill software that uses the best in AI, as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This utilises software robots that are configured to emulate and integrate the tasks a person performs when executing a business process. For example, the RPA gathers information from public databases and the Internet to provide the recruiter with business intelligence that it would otherwise take hours, if not days, to compile without the help of this advanced technology.

Furthermore, Robocore doesn’t sell you the package and leave you to get on with it: it provides every franchisee with continuous access to technical training, alongside a team of virtual assistants that will guide you through the talent and job opportunities data. You can always be sure of support from the Robocore team because they want to ensure your success as much as you do. While 2020 gave us all a tremendous shock, now is the time to look forward to 2021. With so much positivity in the recruitment sector, and a rather different looking work environment for all of us, there is an opportunity to launch a successful recruitment business with Robocore’s assistance. . CONTACTING Robocore UK Ltd is your first step to an exciting new business in 2021