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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer

There are usually two sides to every story, and in the case of recruitment, HR department staff and job seekers, it seems they all are equally unhappy about the recruitment and selection process.

Candidate complaints and HR grumbles

This Forbes article highlights job seekers’ main complaints, starting with what is perceived as a “horrific application process”. All too often candidates are asked to take the time to both fill in an application forms and send in CVs.. Frequently they don’t receive receipt of their applications, and there is a lack of human contact with the applicants.

They also complain about unrealistic job descriptions that are heavy on buzz words, but give little indication of what the company has to offer and, the salary offered is often considered unreasonable relative to similar positions in the market.

The typical interview process comes under the heaviest of fire when hiring mangers use tactics of asking awkward questions to test the candidates ability to handle pressure. Trick questions can be useful when appropriately delivered but when they’re unreasonable, this often paints an unrealistic reflection of the candidate especially when candidates are generally nervous during interviews.

This is because the interview does not emulate the same conditions as the working environment. The mind and thinking process reacts differently in different circumstances. For example, team support and being part of a group will make a significant impact in their performance and a persons overall ability to handle pressure.

However, candidates are not the only ones with a complaint against the system. HR department personnel cite candidates asking for too much money, as one of their challenges.

Retention is another one. It is soul destroying to have appointed a candidate who has accepted the offer only to have them leave two months into their probation period, forcing HR staff to start all over again.

Then there is the interview process. HR staff struggle with the fact that the best candidates may not shine in interviews, while those candidates who are outstanding when confronted with an interview panel, often prove to be below par once in the job.

With neither candidates nor hiring managers happy with the recruitment process, what can be done to change this?

Robocore recruiters to the rescue!

Working with both a professional unbiased recruiter who has access to robotic recruitment process automation, to ease the process for hiring managers, HR and candidates. The Robocore team acknowledges that the solution lies in the efficiency of the recruitment process.

In the market, generally HR departments complain about the quality of the candidates, while recruiters say that hiring managers have unrealistic expectations. The two may also have differing ideas to strategy and expectations about the time it takes to hire.

In Robocore’s approach to working with Hiring Managers and HR departments, we follow three important guidelines:

1. What’s the frustration

We start by looking to understand what’s causing the frustration in the recruitment process. This could be anything from not finding the specific skills to highly competitive salaries or even a case where no one is responding to your job adverts or accepting your HR’s requests.

2. Build the solution.

Most often these frustrations have been shared with previous clients through previous recruitment processes. Recruitment is all about building relationships which are built on reliability and trust.

We look toward our existing contact base by simply continuing our discussions and if we need to look further, candidate engagement is an art, the best talent are often not spending their time looking at jobs.

This gives you the option for a professional unbiased recruiter to engage and begin the talent consulting process, acting in the best interest of both the company and the candidate.

3. Managed delivery

Robocore are heavily invested in state of the art applicant tracking systems and custom built recruitment process automation software which is all centralised through an online framework, scaled across a global recruitment workforce.

Each recruiter is able to follow a standard industrialised recruitment process where you have the option for your talent delivery to be managed through a dedicated client portal.

This means that as a hiring manager, you’re easily able to enter your portal with a unique username and password to view your shortlist of candidates thats been interviewed and delivered to you.

During the recruitment process, the tool provides HR engagement metrics for both the successful and unsuccessful candidates, plus Robocore’s recruiters receive feedback automatically as it’s all touch button sensitive in the portal.

This saves time in exchanging emails and calls, it mitigates a lot of the frustrations in the feedback process, plus it’s a great way to automatically manage the interview, offer and on-boarding process.

Ultimately, Robocore’s global recruitment team provide Hiring Managers and HR departments with a unique business advantage, its recruiters are positioned  with a modern infrastructure to help relieve headaches and frustrations in the recruitment process with one goal in mind.

“Make it easy!