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Author: Eleanor McKenzie – Robocore Press Officer

Searching for a new position is a job in itself and requires skill. It’s time consuming, and much of that time is wasted. Plus, as a skilled professional looking to move your career forward, if you rely on spotting posted job adverts there is an increasing chance that you’ll miss the right role or you may waste your time applying for roles based on limited job spec information that won’t tell you enough about the role or the company.

You also may have experienced applying for a job and not hearing back from anyone at the firm. This often happens as most often the jobs are publicly advertised. Applications often receive an overwhelming volume of applicants, flooding the inbox of HR, making it difficult for your CV to stand out.

There is a solution that will save you time, that’s a “professional recruiter” and there are five reasons why you should use one.

1. A focused career search

An experienced recruiter will look at your experience and skills and take a more progressive career approach to your search. They will also get to know you personally, which ensures the contacts they introduce you to, fit with more than just your skill set. They have good relationships with a number of Hiring Principals and will know what they’re looking for, and will work with their contacts to put you forward for a job that is right for you.

2. Supporting your career progression

A professional recruiter will know your options in your market.  They are also experts in assessing your skills, as well as knowing what their client’s are looking for. A great recruiter should be able to help you deliver a CV that shows your achievements, be able to help refine your interview skills and give you a good understanding of their client, so that you walk into the interview room knowing exactly what to discuss and where to focus.

3. Streamlining your hunt

A professional recruiter has an organised system that works to your benefit. They manage both their clients and their candidates, and know what has to be done and when, even if that’s a few months in the future. They discuss and send your CV, organise your interview, and provide feedback where possible managing the process in special way.

4. Building a relationship

One of the great things about using a recruiter is that it can become a valuable relationship for all of your working life. When you have good rapport with a recruiter and you want to move into another role, it’s good to know you can call on them again.

5. Supporting your career plan

A professional recruiter has your best interests at heart. Not only will they assist you with developing your career plan, they will also provide you with constructive feedback on those occasions when you don’t get the job offer you were hoping for, example it could be to do with factors outside of your control.

Choose an innovative recruiter

As you can see using a professional recruiter has benefits for you as a skilled professional and perhaps this is a good time to consider working with one.

Robocore’s recruiters have a unique advantage, because they use custom made software robots, machine learning and AI to provide a more dynamic, faster paced and accurate recruitment process.

The robotic recruitment automation software improves the skills matching process by streamlining the detail and making it as accurate as possible. Moreover you’ll be assisted in mastering your CV, along with crafting value in your cover letters whilst being kept updated on the process as much as possible.

Robocore’s recruitment culture is about doing the utmost to work with their contacts to best suit where you want to be right now, overall supporting your career progression.