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Mining is an ancient industry whose purpose is to locate and remove minerals in the most economical and efficient way possible to be used by man to develop new products, technologies and tools.  Mining consists of discovery, evaluation, development, exploitation, processing and marketing of useful minerals.   

It can be classified into 4 main groups based on the materials they produce;

Energy minerals such as fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, shale and oil

Industrial minerals such as marble, chalk, clay, limestone, sand, gravel, and potash

Metallic minerals such as metal ores iron/copper and manganese

Precious minerals such as Diamonds and other gemstones

Development in new technologies is ongoing throughout this industry where it now enhances productivity, digitisation, safety and the efficiency of mining by using sophisticated and productive machinery which in turn helps reduce costs.  With this increasing mechanisation means there are increasing opportunities for many skills over and above the traditional.

The types of jobs in the mining industry vary depending on the type of mining your looking at. For instance miners can work in deep mines or on the surface depending the orebody configuration.  The mining industry can use high explosives to expose ores, and then use heavy machinery (possibly automated) to transport the material to processing facility. Behind these production activities are a plethora of support functions – Safety, HR, IT, Medical, Environment and Sustainability, Project Management, Logistics, Community Liaison, Sales and Marketing to name a few.

Robocore has almost 30 years of experience working across a wide spectrum of mining activities –  allowing us access to the best talent – globally.

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