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Human Resources

A new study shows that over 40 percent. employers want to increase employment in early 2022. It goes, among others for finance, industry and new technologies

The results of the ManpowerGroup survey show that as much as 43 percent. employers announce an increase in the number of jobs in their enterprises. It is about the first quarter of next year. The announcements mainly concern large companies due to their large salary possibilities.

Finance, industry, new technologies. These sectors will employ

Which sectors achieved the highest index in the study? It is industrial production, new technologies, as well as broadly understood finance. “In these three sectors, at least half of the employers surveyed will start the new year with employment growth plans. In total, as much as 43 percent. Out of 505 companies covered by the latest edition of the employment agency barometer, ManpowerGroup expects that in Q1 2022 they will increase the number of employees “- informs the portal.

In addition, industries such as construction, primary production, restaurants and hotels, or wholesale and retail trade.

Record result

As indicated, this is a record level in the history of this ManpowerGroup survey, conducted in Poland since 2008.

Over the last two years, only 6 percent. of the respondents announced an increase in the level of employment in the coming months. This year’s result is therefore more than 7 times higher.

Tomasz Walenczak, CEO of ManpowerGroup in Poland, explains that a similar situation took place after the 2008 crisis.

We observed a similar phenomenon of clearly increased demand for employees after the economic crisis that began in the world in 2008 – he says. As he points out, entrepreneurs on the Vistula are developing and intend to expand their human resources, so in virtually every sector there are relatively many job offers waiting for candidates.

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