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With increasing environmental concerns across the world, the energy and utilities sector is becoming one of the most innovative and adaptable sectors. Understandably, there has been a rise in the development of renewable energy resources, such as solar panels, hydroelectric dams and biomass fuel. However, even the major oil and petroleum companies are beginning to develop fuels that are more environmentally friendly.

A huge range of different career paths are available within the energy and utilities sector, ranging from technical and engineering roles to managerial and sales positions. Every single role requires energetic people to help provide the UK with all the energy and water it needs.

Understandably, engineers play a very important role in the energy and utilities sector. Power stations, refineries, rigs, and water treatment plants require a lot of complex and large machinery, and these need to be designed, built, and maintained. Safety engineers are also absolutely essential. Worksites in this sector have the potential to be highly dangerous places, especially for technical guys, so stringent safety policies and measures need to be put in place.

Similarly, this industry would be nowhere without the specialist scientists who operate within the research and development side of energy careers. These guys are especially important with the increasing necessity for more environmentally friendly energy solutions. After all, how can hybrid cars be created without expert scientists to research and develop the new fuel systems?

In the same vein, scientists who work in the exploration side of energy and utilities are essential for finding new energy sources. For example, geoscientists survey the earth’s surface using specialist equipment to search for oil reserves, gas reserves, and other natural resources. These employees truly allow the industry to continue, as without their essential work, new extraction and production projects would never begin.

Since the full competition was introduced into Britain’s retail energy markets in the late 1990s it has been a great, challenging, and rewarding industry to work in.

UK Government smart meter rollout program to every home and business in the UK is the biggest ever ongoing change in the energy industry. Smart meters are one of the drivers to UK reducing emissions and instrumental in cutting up to £16 billion off the annual cost of delivering net zero emissions by 2050.

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