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Cyber Security is a huge threat and at the same time a tremendous commercial opportunity. This Industry is about to explode when companies are looking to transform into the digital era and migrate to cloud solutions and adapt to the new reality that everything is connected with the emerging of Internet of Things.

These new challenges open great opportunities for talent working in the Cyber Security industry.  With a strong tendency towards functions that leverage the technological integration and digitalization of processes within identity and access management, trustworthy computing, network security, cryptology and security in the socio-technical systems.

Robocore understands the requirements of our client’s businesses in this sector and has the knowledge and the tools based on RPA and AI, to source the specialist talent needed for them to expand and future-proof their organizations for the rapid changes to come.

We support the recruitment of the five main types of cyber security: 1.) Critical infrastructure security: Critical infrastructure security consists of the cyber-physical systems that modern societies rely on, 2) Application security, 3) Network security, 4) Cloud security, 5) Internet of things (IoT) security.

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