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We live in an age of disruption. Even before the pandemic, an increase rate of technological advancement and evolving customer expectations were driving change at remarkable pace, and the pandemic gave this a further boost.

The ability to pivot quickly becomes the key to a successful business. Startups can compete with conglomerations on speed and quality, because large corporations are unable to pivot before the windows of opportunity close. By transforming the entire organization to be more Agile, big companies can retain competitive advantage.

Agile organizations exhibit certain characteristics which let them react quickly and keep them at competitive advantage:

-Customer centric

-Empowered people

-Short time to value

-Simple organisation structure

-Flexible systems and processes

‘Agility’ is catching fire, a survey by Forbes found that while 92% of executives believe that organizational agility is critical to business success, only 27% consider themselves highly agile. 

As a result, many companies have started their agile transformation journeys and we are seeing growing demands in the job market.

To drive a successful agile transformation, people is the key.

With Robocore technology,  we can help you to connect to the right talents (Agile experts | Transformation experts | DevOps experts) and equip your company with the skills to pivot and soar in this digital generation


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