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What’s the best browser to use to view GridHill data?

The administrative interface and deployed applications are tested with and support current versions of the following mainstream browsers on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems:

  • Chrome (current version)
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Safari (current version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

While it is possible to access the data with some older browsers, we highly recommend using the current versions for optimal usability and security.

Certain older browsers such as IE 7 are blocked from accessing the data as they are known to cause security issues, therefore, it is recommended that you use the following browsers:

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 onwards.

Download the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer at:

2. Mozilla Firefox Version 10 onwards.

Download the latest Mozilla Firefox at:

3. Google Chrome Version 12 onwards.

Download the latest Google Chrome at:

In addition, please ensure that your Javascript and Cookie is enabled on your browser.

At the moment it is best to view the data on laptops or computers

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