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At Robocore, we understand the frustrations associated with hiring and how competitive the recruitment market is, especially with the rapid growth of emerging technologies. Specialist talent pools simply aren’t keeping up with the scale of this growth, often sacrificing best practices.


Big Data

Additional obstacles appear in the lack of technical expertise amongst recruiters, often referring candidates that don’t meet the specifications causing unwanted submissions and interviews. We’ve experienced this whilst using recruiters ourselves.

Through decades of project experience, our clients are fortunate that they have a partner that understands the business and technical nature of their work, this means that the recruitment process for our clients is the same process we use for ourselves,

Our product, GridHill, empowers our Recruiters with rich structured research data coupled with innovative technical training, analysis and Robocore’s Technical leadership. We guide our recruiters through the inconsistencies of talent & jobs data to enhance their effectiveness for our customers.

Our staffing process encompasses all levels of talent including Senior Executive (C-Suite) who work throughout the business process and project lifecycle.

We have limited licences available to start your own Robocore Recruitment Franchise. For more information on our Franchise Offerings please click the button below.

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To remain competitive we believe recruiters need to see what is most urgent and critical in their sector.

Our technology focuses on producing deep insights into the recruiters niche, giving a recruiter precise Business Intelligence.

If you want to know the future, look at the past"

Albert Einstein

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