Stefan Saayman

Managing Recruitment Partner

I believe every person has the responsibility to grow and develop and to live a full and meaningful life. My work is a primary and essential facet of my life and where the majority of this growth and development happens.  Therefore I have to ensure that I do the right work and that I work in the right place.
I have experience of a wide variety of disciplines: Education, Management, Leadership, Media, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Development, Marketing and Retail.  I believe in continuous learning – every aspect of every part of life is based on principles and a body of knowledge that underpins it.  Acquire the necessary knowledge and live the principles.
I follow a pragmatic approach to life.  Do not tell somebody why something is important or why it needs to be done in a certain way – prove it through action.  Do what needs to be done now.

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+26 4812391208

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