Sérgio V. Mota

Managing Recruitment Partner

I’ve always been passionate about connecting people.  Helping people find the right opportunity for their career is the reason why I wake up every day and work passionately!

After graduating in Human Resources Management, I’ve worked for several years as an HR Director in both national and multinational companies.  Covering Manufacturing, Construction, Shared Services Centres, Distribution, Retail and Transportation and Logistics. 

For more than 17 years I have been able to engage and lead hundreds of recruitment processes for all functional levels, from entry-levels through to C-levels.  I have also consolidated a great amount of experience throughout all the phases of the selection processes which has allowedme to design and execute recruitment strategies with strong impact on organisations.

Working in such different environments has allowed me to connect with talent from different cultures and geographies globally.

Now based in Porto – Portugal, my focus is to source talent for the Big Data Engineering sector in the Brazil and Portugal markets, and to be able to continue to contribute with the specific talent at the right time into this challenging sector.

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