Carissa Pillay

Senior Recruitment Partner

I am a seasoned professional who contributed the last 24 years to HR.  I have an entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched drive, and possess a proven ability to contribute to my clients at both strategic and operational level when delivering people management strategies.  

My background includes proven expertise in policy and procedure, recruiting and talent acquisition practices, staff development, retention approaches, legal compliance, managerial support, union-management, labour relations, and training and development.  The sectors I have worked in cover Banking, Manufacturing, and Mining. 

I believe that I have the opportunity every day to touch the lives of people, to improve their environments, support their development, and help them to become the people they were destined to be.  My values from the basis of how I approach my role and provide the foundation of the successes that I have delivered.  I have a deep passion for people which is balanced by sound business knowledge and analytical thinking. 

I have reached the stage in my career where I want to offer my capabilities, drive for results, tenacity, and care to a cause where I can experience the fulfillment of making a difference in the lives of others

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