New Recruitment Partner

Vicente Mota Opening doors to Portugal & Brazil

We welcome Vicente Mota, our newest recruitment partner, opening his doors in Portugal where we will position his data with focus on recruitment in the Big Data sector for Portugal and Brazil.

The Transport & Logistics sector is currently going through major transformation, heavily driven by New technology advancements which are disrupting existing processes in the supply chain sector where they are digitizing the logistics process that allows for greater flexibility in organizing logistics for better customer experiences, and they are facilitating closer and more efficient collaboration within supply chain operations.

Some emerging trends that we have identified are:

  •  Technology
    • Blockchain
    • AI and Machine Learning
    • Drones
  • Process
    • Agile
    • Elastic Logistics
    • Digital Logistics
    • Perfect Order Deliveries
    • Data Driven Logistics
  • Management
    • Supply Chain Collaboration
    • Green Logistics
New Recruitment Partner

All these emerging trends are creating an increased demand in specialised skills and expertise. This presents a huge opportunity for Vicente to position his business in this dynamic and evolving niche within the transport and logistics sector capitalising on growth.

We’re seeing new technologies drive new ways to support the transformation of the supply chain process, which are adapting to the agile methodology and introducing elastic logistics by using cloud technology enabled delivery on time and at lower cost.

The push towards digital logistics signals the need for digital specific skills and expertise in product development and innovation.

In conclusion, the transport and logistics sector is transforming. This transformation presents a great opportunity for significant demand over the coming years for a high skilled workforce beyond the traditional skills already utilised in the sector.

This is an exciting time for Vicente and Robocore to be positioned in the sweet spot of this emerging labour market which is expected to continue transforming and remain in high growth for the foreseeable future. We are very excited to have our new recruitment partner on board and are looking forward to a succesfull collaboration. 

© 2019 Frank De Witte – CEO at Robocore UK Ltd

This article was first published on Franchise Direct, May 29, 2019

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