Health Care

Health care

Healthcare profession has thrived in times of booming economies or recessions and currently has even become more competitive. Their contributions to society and industry have been lauded over the ages.

Public healthcare in the UK is available through the National Health Service (NHS), covering everything from a doctor’s appointment to emergency surgery.

There is an enormous demand for doctors, nurses in all areas of the NHS since the pandemic.

UK government aims for an extra 50,000 NHS nurses in a bid to plug the existing vacancy gap of more than 43,000.

There will be 6,000 more doctors in GP surgeries and 6,000 more primary care staff such as physiotherapists and pharmacists.

Thousands of NHS staff from the European Union have left the health service since the Brexit referendum, data suggests. 95% of nurses believe patient health is at risk due to healthcare staff shortages.

UK has always welcomed health care professions especially nurses from abroad over the decades and still this remains one of the main strategies to plug the current gap.

At Robocore our aim is to support the UK healthcare (NHS Trusts) system to provide them with talented, qualified healthcare professionals from UK and through the international recruitment from India & South Africa. We are proud to be an approved recruitment agency and abide with the UK code of practice for international recruitment.

We at Robocore provides talented recruitment services for:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Midwives
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare assistants

At Robocore our primary goal is to come up with opportunities for qualified and experienced doctors and nurses who are registered and help them secure placement in good positions.

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