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Mike Naylor

GridHill Release July 2019

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GridHill Release Note July 2019

This release not is to inform that GridHill has been updated. To login to GridHill follow the below link…


GridHill is a strategy orientated sales tool encompassing all of the talent delivery strategy to pick up major business accounts. GridHill supports The GridHill Methodology, which is a comprehensive recruitment process designed by Robocore.

 – Update Notes – GridHill Release July 2019 – 

1) Performance improvements
2) Page header formats updated (some are only minor)
3) Advert date query has been improved to allow date range searches (For more details and explanation on the change hove over the “?” beside the fields when logged into GridHill)
4) You can now select the number of rows per page (bottom left of where “Next Page” can be selected). It is now easy to click on Next Page repetitively rather than scroll down the screen until selecting Next page making the experience using GridHill more user friendly.

 – End of Release Note –

Should you have any questions, encounter any problems or have any feedback about GridHill, please contact us via email at info@robocore.co and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for using GridHill!

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