The GridHill Methodology
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The GridHill Methodology

With technology transforming the industry, the fundamental focus of recruitment always remains the same.


GridHill’s goal is to streamline your recruitment process, freeing up your time to focus on what matters – your customers.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a revolution in Business Process Automation, and is being used extensively to assist business efficiency and pace. Our view is that the purpose of robots (mechanical or software) is to assist humans with tasks and complement the work humans perform. With GridHill, we are committed to using RPA to do just that.

RPA comprises of Software robots that are configured to emulate and integrate tasks a human performs in executing a business process, within any system or application. We are using the industry-leading RPA platform UiPath to build our RPA engines, to gather the required data from public databases and the internet.

We chose UiPath above other RPA software providers for its open platform, scalability and robust security, while at the same time having the flexibility to deliver rapid results.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The GridHill Methodology is currently applied to the recruitment industry as our first area of focus.

Our technology focuses on producing deep insights into the sellers’ niche, giving a recruiter precise Business Intelligence.

A three-step process is used to produce manageable data from all data available in a certain sector:

Gather Engine

– Software Robots gather Big Data from Public Datasets and the Internet

Organise Engine

– Input of Big Data is going through a process to Extract, Transform and Load

Apply Engine

– Here we extract, identify, present and visualise the data.

The end result is a presentation of manageable data in GridHill that is otherwise not structured and easily usable.

Journey from Big Data to Manageable Data

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We conduct continuous research to improve our service. We investigate how new and emerging technology can positively impact the sales process. We continuously seek out new opportunities to implement new technology. Our passion for tech knows no boundaries, and we see it as our mission to make that innovative technology available to our customers so they can benefit from it.

Business Delivery

GridHill is a platform that combines technology with business processes and gives you the tools to support your sales process. With GridHill you get assistance in gathering your data, making data useful, providing deeper insights into your data by utilising robots. GridHill helps you focus on the most urgent opportunities, allowing you more time to interact with your clients, more time to build relationships, and allows you to create greater value for your clients.

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