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GridHill gives recruiters access to where their impact is needed most, saving their customers time.
It also enables recruiters to give good feedback to their customers, revealing more about their competition, offering their customers an overall impression of their options.

The GridHill Methodology

A strategy orientated sales process encompassing all of the talent delivery strategy to pick up major business accounts

Automation - Analytics - Training


GridHill is a 6 part engine which begins with the full niche research process to structuring talent pools, marketing and communications automation which assists its users with speed, clarity and precision.

1. Probe Method – Robotic Process Automation
Location, business line, inventory specific for target mapping and data cleaning accuracy.

2. Torsion Spring Principal – Robot Process Automation
Incoming jobs and talent combined together through the torsion spring engine, Talent & Client Pool mechanics with pathways driven by machine learning, Talent send out preparation with text chat bot help assembled to GridHill.

3. Beacon Method – Robot/Human
Marketing arrangement, automated attention & attraction through specific business line pathways. Text chat bots for demand generation with candidates.

4. Referral Plan – Human led with Intelligent Automation
Talent facing referral options program encompassing the GridHill pathways and magnet principals for talent marketing using the Beacon framework.

5. Magnet Principal – Recruiter process
Specific Business line, department match methodology which can be built using GridHills data and candidate profiling and process for referral plan role out.

6. Bowtie Principal – Robot/Human
Internal strategy – Defining more options for talent within their sector and using automation with time delay controls to engage with the referral plan.

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The recruiter sales process has become a combination of sales and marketing.

From the GridHill Data state of the art algorithms are developed that that automatically analyse the market content.

Discover and deliver to what is urgent!

1. Refine your data to set the right priority and target the right clients.

2. Produce powerful infographics that support your sales process and create value content.

3. Attract new talent and clients through your analytics.

The Greater the urgency, the quicker make a placement, the bigger your impact!

Recruiter Training

With the emergence of Recruiter Technology, recruiters need to continuously educate and develop themselves to remain sharp and competitive. GridHill Recruiter Training is a 5 module training package that incorporates the full recruitment process including the latest best practices. 

1. Niche Positioning – How to choose your hot market.
Position your impact in the sweet spot of demand.

2. Tools & Automation – Set up your tools and infrastructure.
Using the power of automation saving you hours of redundant work.

3. Build your Network – Your closed and exclusive network.
Grow a high value demand network!

4. Recruitment Process – Learn the sequence of steps.
Do what comes next and do it right!

5. Customer Culture – What causes your customers to act.
Learn the art of creative solutions based sales approach.

Recruitment and Technology
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