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What sets us apart from the field? That's simple:

Our Technology

Bespoke Cloud Software

We operate our own digital platform which will do a lot of work for you in terms of research and intel. It’s a suite of tools that’s easy to use. It helps you to work smarter to achieve a better work-life balance, and you can do it from anywhere in the world. The platform is unique and has been described by people within the recruitment industry as a ‘game changer’.


After training , we take your work ethic and ambition, the training that you’ve received and then around all of that, we wrap a support system that enables you to build a profitable online recruitment business by working closely with you to help you achieve your goals.


Above all else, please remember this – WE ARE PARTNERS , we want the same thing.

Our income and revenue comes from the exact same source as yours: candidate placement. If you don’t earn then neither do we- our commitment to your success is as simple as that.

Can I Do This?

Of course, it's learnable, just like your current profession.

Most of our franchisees (over 80%) had NO recruitment experience prior to joining us as a Franchisee.
That’s no problem. We provide full and thorough training to help you get your business up and running. If you have had some previous training or experience in recruitment, that’s great too. Don’t worry, either way we’ll make sure you’re ready to get going.

Your Candidates

What’s important to them
Building trust with relationships
Making sure they’re the right fit

Your Clients

What are their headaches
What do they need
Why should they choose us / you

Your Business

What are their headaches
What do they need
Why should they choose us / you

Then we plug all of that into our own set of online tools that help you to succeed. We’ll tell you more on the DEMO.

Pricing Structure And Earning Potential

Commission in recruitment is based on a fee that you've agreed with the hiring company and is paid by the hiring company when you helped with the successful placement of a candidate. The commission is calculated by using a simple 2-step formula:

Candidate salary multiplied by the % fee agreed and then multiplied by your franchise commission level.

• Commissions for placing candidates can range from £5,000 to £20,000

• That’s a potential £50k - £200k in earnings annually (based on placing 10 clients per year). You could make more.

For a full explanation of our franchise fee and our commission structure, please contact us at www.robocore.co/contact-us/. A member of our Franchise Team will reach out to you and explain the franchise in full.

Next Steps

We conduct a two-part franchise selection process. Both are no-obligation and there’s no expectation of instant decision-making.

Part 1 is focused on getting to know you and your plans, and ensures that they’re a good match with Robocore. In Part 2 we give you a closer look at our technology and our recruitment processes. Finally, there’s a Q&A session to make sure you have everything necessary to make an informed decision.

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  • You can work from any location worldwide – home or office.

  • You can work any hours that you choose.

  • You do not need to quit your current job and risk your livelihood.

  • You can build a team and employ staff if you wish or work alone, you decide. We would train all hired staff as part of your contract.

  • You will receive full and thorough training and ongoing support, as would all of your team members.

  • You will have full back office and administration support.

  • The use of simplified, unique industry tech tools is available to all your staff.

  • Fantastic income potential as part of a $500 billion worldwide industry.

  • You choose the entry level that suits you best.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” - John F Kennedy

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