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Get learner’s full participation as an excellent online classroom or workshop facilitator.

Virtual instructor-led classroom training, also known as live online, instructor-led
virtual learning – has, almost overnight, become the de facto way of modern

This one and half day Virtual classroom training event teaches and equips all facilitators with the skills to deliver any subject through any virtual training application.

We address the fears associated with online training, how to develop great participation, and how to keep delegates totally involved through virtual exercises and activities.

Moving to virtual training is a substantial change for both trainers and organizations.
Done well, it can be even more effective than traditional classroom training.

Come on this short course and become a “Great Virtual Classroom Trainer”.

What Is

This course gives you the knowledge and confidence to run virtual classroom training sessions; replacing your traditional training and providing your delegates with a learning experience that is just as good, and in some ways even better than traditional classroom training.

This is unlike Computer-Based Training (CBT) that excludes the facilitator. It was claimed some years ago that CBT would mean the end of the classroom and trainers, as staff could learn on their own at their computers whenever and
wherever they wanted.

It would revolutionise how we learned, and employers would save on all associated costs. Although CBT has some success, it failed to replace the physical classroom learning experience.

Virtual classroom training works well if the technology works, if the material is good, and when the facilitator knows how to do it. The need for experienced facilitators, well versed in the techniques of virtual training has now increased tremendously.

Welcome to my course, by the end of it your potential to be a great virtual trainer will be released.

Target Audience

All trainers, lecturers, and workshop facilitators. All training material developers. All project managers, managers, and consultants who must share their ideas and knowledge, and facilitate workshops and meetings to get results. If you are a Scrum Master or Agile project manager this is a “must-do” event for you.

Approach & Duration

This is a one-day virtual classroom event that is facilitated by Guy Eastoe, Snap Tech’s most experienced trainer. He’s been training since 2000 and started running virtual training events in 2009. It is a highly interactive and participative event where Guy uses and applies the techniques that he is teaching you.

You will be able to apply these techniques in your next training event.  The start time is 9:30, ending at 15:30.


  • Learn how to deal with, and mitigate technical challenges
  • Get and keep delegate attention, all the time
  • Become confident in the virtual training world
  • Deal with technical issues
  • Address delegate multitasking
  • Get the right information across in the right way, using the correct virtual techniques
  • Get good exam results, just like you used to.
  • Run virtual courses that are interactive and engage the delegates
  • Get full value from breakout sessions
  • Learn how to structure and run virtual exercises and online training materials
  • Understand the techniques of asking an answering question in your virtual classroom
  • Do great introductions
  • Learn how to create virtual classroom energy


  • Minimum attendance 4 students per training session
  • Maximum 15 students per training session
  • Prices are on a per person basis

For further information please reach out through the online enquiry form from the original advert, your Robocore Partner or the Robocore website.

Course Content

  • The benefits of Virtual classroom training
  • Virtual Classroom Challenges and solutions
  • Getting Delegate Buy-in
  • Handling Breaks
  • Pre and Post Event actions
  • Getting your voice right
  • Boosting Engagement
  • Traditional VS Virtual training material
  • How to ask and answer questions
  • Virtual Exercise Management
  • 9 Virtual Exercises and Activities you can use now

And much more.

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