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Learn how to master massive transformational change

Programme Management enables organizations to deliver large scale transformational
and strategic change through multiple projects. A programme is more than a large
project and requires practices, techniques and leadership skills that are not normally
associated with project management.

Spend two very practical, classroom or virtual classroom, days equipping yourself with
expert level knowledge to apply programme management to your large-scale change
initiatives within you overall portfolio.

What Is

Programme management provides you with a framework for delivering business benefits from major change, while addressing the need for sensible governance and control over multiple projects, a massive budget and numerous resources.

A programme is made up of a set of projects (agile and/or waterfall) and other activities and is governed by a programme organization led by a programme director.  A programme must deliver against defined strategic level objectives, must enable benefit realization and a substantial change in the business.


A programme can only do well if the projects within it succeed. The concept of a programme is that it should be more than the ‘sum of its parts’. In other words, with Programme Management the co-ordinated projects will deliver benefits more timeously, optimise resources, reduce risk, invoke successful change, and contribute to the strategic goals.

Snap Tech’s PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS is a facilitated, interactive engagement structured around principles, techniques and practices upon which successful programme management depends.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at individuals who need a controlled yet flexible approach to managing its programmes. The event is suitable for programme managers, experienced project managers, strategists, programme office members and senior managers from any discipline, public or private sector.

This course is relevant to all those involved in project, change and programme management including:

  • Project and programme sponsors
  • Senior Responsible Owners (SRO’s)
  • Programme, project, business change and benefit managers
  • EPMO/PMO/PMU managers
  • Line Managers
  • Strategy Specialists
  • Business Change Managers
  • Project and programme auditors
  • Agile practitioners

Approach & Duration

This is a 2-day classroom or virtual online event facilitated by one of Snap Tech’s most experienced trainers. You’ll find a ready-to-learn atmosphere where you’ll receive expert instruction and guidance, interact with your peers, and gain the real-world skills that matter.


Programme Management helps to lead, organize, manage, and control multiple projects and
the overall programme to achieve the final outcome and meet the objectives set by the business strategy.
Programme Management introduces numerous benefits, such as:

  • Maximising the value from large scale change
  • Centralizing benefits and business case management to get a consolidated view of costs and value
  • Focusing on outcomes and benefits through people change management
  • Building a cohesive solution
  • Assuring senior executives that the programme, and its considerable budget is on track
  • Optimising and sharing programme experience through the projects
  • Meaningful engagement of stakeholders
  • Enabling an Agile approach at programme level
  • Managing risk at a consolidated level
  • Ensuring a quality result


  • Minimum attendance 4 students per training session
  • Maximum 15 students per training session
  • Prices are on a per person basis

For further information please reach out through the online enquiry form from the original advert, your Robocore Partner or the Robocore website.

Course Content

  • Principles of Programme Management
  • Programme structures
  • The Programme Office
  • Crafting the Programme Vision
  • Leadership
  • Benefits Management
  • Business Case
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Controlling a Programme
  • Risk Management
  • Programme Assurance
  • Programme Solution Design
  • Programme Lifecycle
  • Agile in Programme Management
  • Embedding Programme Management
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