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Agile for HR practitioners and HR’s role in the agile enterprise

Business agility has become a necessity for organizational survival in this volatile and rapidly changing economy.  Agile thinking has moved beyond IT.  It now belongs in all areas of an enterprise.

The move to being business agile should start in the HR profession, but like many functional departments outside of IT, HR has been caught by surprise and is in catch up mode when it comes to Agile thinking.

We need to quickly understand how to apply the agile mindset ourselves to revolutionise our own ways of working and to also position HR to guide the wider organisational transformation to business agility.

What Is

In response to today’s complex business environment organisations across
the globe are seeking increased business agility to stay competitive, to survive. To be successful, businesses must be able to continuously innovate and deliver immediate value to the customer.

Organizations need individuals with a collective agile mindset to transform their enterprise in an agile one, with collaborative teams working across the silos, or removing those silos altogether.

Traditional management models and organisational structures are failing to keep up with the needs of the modern economy. Organizations are rapidly becoming more digital, more networked, flatter, and thanks to Covid-19, very dispersed.

It is HR’s role to drive the organisation wide agility transformation; to nurture the adoption of a business agility mindset and culture, with new structures and business practices. In fact, to help create, and successfully guide the development of the modern business and the future of work.

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The business agility journey starts in the HR function itself, no, not in IT. Agile ways of developing software started around 1994 with SCRUM, and the agile manifesto was published in 2001. These events promoted better (for some) ways of building systems but made little impact outside of IT.

That changed some years ago when successful businesses realized that they had to embrace the agile philosophy and values at its core, from its people and culture to its structure and technology. These successful organizations started to become business agile, genuinely customer-centric, and able to respond rapidly and effectively to opportunities and threats in this volatile world.

Here’s a question. “Will you, by the end of 2021 be an agile business or working hard at becoming one?” If your answer is no or not sure, then you risk removing your company from the marketplace. Because your competitors and even your customers are answering “yes”. This event helps you to answer yes.

Agile HR covers how HR practitioners can apply an Agile mindset and its working methods within your own teams, work environment, and projects. Agile HR helps you to reinvent or enhance your operational model and realise the benefits of agile thinking very quickly by applying a few basics steps to your everyday work.

Agile HR looks at HR’s role in helping the organisation transform to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment. Agile HR looks at how to engage with all areas of the business from sales to finance, helping them to embrace, in practical terms agile know-how into their ways of working.

Agile HR shows you how to run a business-driven agile transformation project that is vision led, customer focused and benefits driven.

Target Audience

This event is for anyone working in, or managing an HR department. It will assist any agile transformation project manager to manage the project in an agile way.

Approach & Duration

This is a 2-day facilitator-led, virtual classroom event. It is highly participative and delivered by a trainer experienced in agile and in delivering engaging training events through the virtual classroom medium. It focuses on the practical application of agile thinking within the context of your organization. It does not dictate any particular proprietary agile framework or method.  Zoom is the default virtual classroom platform.


  • Able to understand and apply agile ways of working to your HR dept.
  • Able to understand and apply agile roles, practices, and techniques.
  • Able to apply the agile manifesto and principles to HR
  • Able to break large complex challenges into achievable packages of value.
  • Create human-centric HR solutions by applying agile principles
  • To build accountable and self-managing teams of multi-skilled employees that
    break down silos and focus on customer value, always.
  • Become a continuous learning dept. that can pivot and adapt to change as part of
    the normal course of doing business.
  • Develop your own flavour of business agility based on your culture and your
    business needs.
  • Move to an agile performance management system.
  • Able to encourage greater business ownership into the HR solutions.
  • Able to project manage transformational change, including the implementation of
    business agility throughout the enterprise.
  • Can improve collaboration of all stakeholders, especially the customer.
  • Can Introduce rapid and successful change
  • Able to focus on delivering prioritized strategic business value.
  • Delegates completing this Agile HR specific course will be well-positioned to
    become certified in International certifications such as the Agile Business
    Consortiums Scrum Master and Agile PM Practitioner.

Course Content

  • Agile overview
  • Agile philosophy
  • Applying the Agile Manifesto and Principles to HR
  • Instrumental Success Factors
  • Self-organizing teams and agile roles
  • Agile prioritizing and managing the backlog
  • User Stories for HR
  • Agile planning, estimating and control
  • Agile Performance Management
  • Agile and change management
  • Agile and strategic benefit mapping (Outcome based)
  • An agile approach for transformational change
  • Moving the organization towards business agility

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